Hello from the grown up side! It’s been 1 month and half already since I took on a new role with SELECTED and it just keeps getting better. Last week I had the chance to go to Berlin at the Bread && Butter fair, a major fashion event that Zalando organised for the first time. We were just a handful of brands that got invited to participate, and to make things even more exciting, we had a fashion show too. Which is basically the reason why I flew over on Saturday, so I could live stream the fashion show on Facebook (gotta love social media). And before returning to Denmark the same day, I snapped a few pics of the event, our stylish stand inspired by nature and Scandinavian design, and the beautiful and colourful Berlin and its people. Check them out and I’ll see you later!

img_3249 img_3246 img_3243 img_3239 img_3255 img_3254  img_3204 img_3193 img_3271 img_3280 img_3293 img_3252 img_3253   img_3285img_3291img_3286img_3295