A New York Wedding

Their story began, as many love stories do, at a Brooklyn party: a Danish girl recently moved to NY caught the eye of a hip NewYorker and from then on,  3 years and many trips between Copenhagen and New York later, they got to the day when they both said yes to a life together in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Weddings always make me weep, it’s so wonderful when we find that one person that wants to be there for the long haul. Anne&Andrew’s wedding  included weeping in the invitation and thinking about their love story makes me realise that fairy-tales do exist, that if you’re truly invested – not even oceans, time differences or immigration services can stay in your way, you’ll crush them all.

I’m so grateful that I got to be there, to be part of a new life-chapter and I look so much forward to seeing what the newlyweds have in the making for the near future 🙂

This dreamy  event  was actually why I organised an entire Canadian-American trip that was the highlight of my 2016. I still cannot believe everything that I got to see and experience. Thank you, guys for having me and for giving me the push I needed to cross the ocean – it was all worth it !