If you asked me a few years ago about one-piece swimsuits, I would’ve given you a very condescending look. Me? In a one-piece? Not in this lifetime, at least not in my twenties. And yet, here I am, crazy about them, and still in my twenties, late, but still… If you ask me now, I will say that they’re not a sign of getting old, or of trying to hide away some body flaws that bother us. On the contrary, they’re a sign of confidence and of owning your body and of a lack of need to impress, that dominated our teenage years and early twenties. I guess less is more no more. Judging by the looks and the whistles, because in Romania people (guys) are very expressive, and by the fact that we were on a nudist beach, with boobs and but cheeks everywhere, we were clearly doing something right. At least it feel right, amazing actually, knowing that everything is in place and we don’t have to check for boobs peeking out, wave after wave.

We wore them on our last day at the beach, to be sure that our skin is used to the sun and we won’t get crazy striped suntan (especially with a cropped one like mine). The bandeau swimsuit is perfect for the not so busty ladies, like we are, otherwise some support might be needed to keep everything from falling out. Both swimsuits are from H&M, a brand whose swimwear I am really fond of. They have great fabrics, designs and colours, and super sales in July! So keep an eye out if you are in need for a new addition to your beachwear collection. Mine will definitely get more one-piece suits, hopefully in more vibrant colours. What about you, would you say yay or nay to wearing a one-piece?IMG_2631 IMG_2517 IMG_2520 IMG_2521 IMG_2541IMG_2528IMG_2572IMG_2585 IMG_2593 IMG_2582 IMG_2600

Swimsuits from H&M

White sunglasses from Balmain

Burgundy sunglasses from Fendi