A preview of the Alps

This is just a little preview of our amazing week spent in the French Alps, more exactly in Alpe d’Huez. You might  be up to date with our latest whereabouts from Fb or Insta, but there’s so much more to say about our trip and we’ve just got started!

We’re back in windy, rainy, grey and stormy Copenhagen ( yes, the list of horrible weather adjectives could continue forever!) and we’re definitely missing the sunny days we enjoyed in France. It was my first time in the Alps, but it definitely won’t be my last. Growing up in the Transylvanian Alps, the Carpathians, was how I fell in love with the wilderness, the forest and mountains in the first place.  And I miss it very much, as the only ‘mountain’ in Denmark is 147m high.  Sure, life here is wonderful and Denmark has its own special Scandinavian beauty,  but sometime I just miss that feeling of being a small, insignificant creature in front of majestic, beautiful, sky-high mountains.

This is exactly how I felt while contemplating at the amazing panorama of the Alps. The view from Pic Blanc ( 3330 m high!) is just breathtaking, it looks like the white, snowy peaks touch the clouds! I think I took 1000 photos a day, I just could’t stop. And talking about clouds, I have a video for you. But I’ve said too much already. More photos and stories will come, stay tuned!

Now it’s time for Copenhagen Fashion Week!


PS: the photos are not edited at all! #nofilter #bestskiingtripimageimageimageimageimage– on Pic Blanc,  drunk in love! imageimageimageimageimageimage– Ligia, the explorer. imageimageimageimageimage– our favourite slope. imageimageimageimageimageimage