Alexa Chung’s IT


Today I’ll tell you about a new book I’ve recently discovered: Alexa Chung’s IT. Alexa’s book was launched last September and since then there’s been quite a frenzy about IT. For some Alexa is a former model, a TV presenter and a style icon, for others she’s just a skinny girl. Well, for me Alexa is something. I think she’s pretty, smart and … Yes! Has great style! I mean she had a Mulberry bag named after her!

Being on holiday I had time to enjoy her book. It is a very easy read, perfect for late nights while having a cup of tea, or maybe a glass of wine – you choose! It feels like she wrote in a day, but when reading it a second time, you can notice that it has good structure. It contains 192 pages out of which 161 are pictures, so it’s safe to say that it’s actually a scrapbook 🙂 The reader starts her journey from Alexa’s first horse ride, to what to wear at festivals, and how to apply eyeliner. The book is a mixture of selfies, pictures of Alexa’s friends, doodles, her inspiration, style, and tips regarding boys and heartbreaks: just what a girl needs! It’s funny and you can easily feel Alexa’s personality on the pages. It finishes with a picture of THE END written in the sand. Throughout the book I could notice Alexa’s insecurity regarding many things, she’s presenting her rise to what she is today, an IT girl, while not being sure how she actually did it (which is really cute, I think).

Regardless of the critics’ opinion about IT (not very positive one) I did enjoy reading this childish, inspirational, funny piece of writing… maybe because I like Alexa so much and admire her for what she achieved at such a young age. So I advise you to read IT and enjoy IT, watch some of the movies she mentions ( if you haven’t seen them already!!!) and don’t ever give up on your dreams!



PS: I’m wearing a Weekday cozy sweater and Divided leopard print leggings.

DSC_0569DSC_0552DSC_0597Alexa trying to capture the same photo as Mick Jagger.DSC_0595Yes, she is! DSC_0587DSC_0586DSC_0584Her favourite summer style: Lolita. DSC_0582DSC_0581Make up tips inspired by Anna Karina and Twiggy.