We had been waiting for so long for this ski trip, planning the easiest way to transport our ski equipment from Romania to Denmark, to France, now back to Romania, and packing so carefully that we would be prepared for any kind of freezing situation, that of course we forgot to bring along the essential: swimming suits. Who would have thought that our 1800m high hotel would have an outdoor hot pool? No worries, we improvised, which is why you will only see pictures of the amazing landscapes and slopes, and us resting our overused legs. My knees won’t buy the ‘age is just a number’ thing, at least not after going down at 65 km/h (that’s what my ski tracker tells me).

Like any ski trip, it had it’s ups and downs 🙂 On the downside, we travelled for 30 hours on a bus to get there, slept in a room/closet with no door, and enough complaining. Let’s get to the bright side: pure beauty everywhere you looked, starting with the morning view, sunshine all day long, really warm weather, so many slopes to chose from, relaxing in the pool and sauna after ski, and concerts and parties in the night. Alpe d’Huez was so alive and full of energy that it was impossible not to be out, enjoying life one way or another. I have to admit that the pool was the highlight of my trip, until the very last day, when we decided to go for one last ride before they closed the ski lifts. When we got off at 2700m and we were above the clouds and then skied right into them, to the point that we couldn’t see each other anymore, just meters apart. Skiing in the cloud, feeling it on my skin and breathing it in was something I will never forget!

So yeah, this is definitely turning into a tradition. The ski trip, I mean, not cloud skiing. If you are curious about how we made it happen and how much it all costs, scroll down for a quick guide.IMG_8840 IMG_8856 IMG_8878 IMG_8837 IMG_8893 IMG_8922 IMG_8932 IMG_8934 IMG_8944 IMG_8960 IMG_8972 IMG_8979 IMG_9010 IMG_9015 IMG_9000 IMG_9065 IMG_9043 IMG_9047 IMG_9056 IMG_9066Booking deadline: 06.11.2015 with SL Skiing Trip/Red Mountain 

What we payed:

3500 dkkk (1000 dkk when booking and the rest by 01.12.2015) + 300 dkk for festival entrance (concerts, parties and picnic & bbq)

What we got:

Bus transportation (24h) from Aarhus to Alpe d’Huez (flying is an option we didn’t know about, but that we’ll definitely consider next year)

Accommodation for 6 nights in an apartment with kitchen and everything you need

6 days ski pass