An autumn full of surprises!

First of September has a certain romantic charm to it. Maybe it’s just the leaves that start changing their lush green colour into vibrant red, orange, gold and brown,  the summer days getting shorter or maybe the cardigan we need in the early morning…  that brings a trace of summer melancholy on our pretty faces.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve enjoyed this summer like never before and we’re so greatfull for all the experiences we’ve had! It was so much fun checking out some of the biggest European music festivals, road tripping through Europe, enjoying rose in Provence, seeing Paris by night,  and finally  coming back home to Romania, to the familiar faces that we always miss. Honestly,  we had one of the best summers ever and this meant we were updating the blog less and enjoyed  lazy days by the pool more.  But you must understand, we live in Northern Europe, we had to really enjoy the summer, and take in every bit of sunshine because winter is coming and it will be long, dark and wet. We’ll survive with sunny getaways, cozy evenings and  lots and lots of new projects.

Talking about new projects, now that autumn is here ( and it is, there’s no indian summer  in store for us) it definitely brings in the wind of change and what’s next to come is even more exciting! You know how almost everyone makes New Year resolutions? That is how we feel about fall. Yes, it’s a season of many changes, but that can also mean new beginnings. Or so our favourite horoscope says. Apart from new trench coats, New Balances and new workout routines that we’re definitely going to follow this time, we have been juggling many great ideas and dreamy plans back and forth between London, Copenhagen and Bucharest, so we’re celebrating the first day of September by sharing some of it with you 🙂

We’ve been working in the past months at making our website friendlier and easier to get around on, so you’ll notice a couple of changes in the following weeks. We would love to hear from you about how you like it and what else we can improve!  You will also notice a change in the content, as we wish to approach themes and subjects that you can find useful and interesting. It is a big change for us, but we’re committed to make our voices heard a lot more from now on.

Okay now we can’t actually reveal everything can we?  So, you’ll have to follow us closely in the following weeks for more surprises we are virtually cooking for you!

Lots of love from SAHBIMG_5029 IMG_5026