Andreea Verde’s Copenhagen

Remember Andreea Verde? Our good friend from Bucharest who’s an artist and a social media muse. Well, she came to visit us in wonderful Copenhagen and we just had to ask her about her trip and what she thought about Scandinavia. Has she become a Scandi junkie, yet?

Here’s all about her Copenhagen adventure:


SAHB: What did you know about Copenhagen before visiting?

AV: Not much, The Little Mermaid and Hans Christian Andersen.

 SAHB: What was your first impression of the city?

I was…AMAZED. Do you know that Radiohead song – Everything in its right place? The nature, the people, the traffic, the bikes, the houses – it was all like a solved Rubik cube. I felt so safe, no matter where I went to, even in the middle of the night.


SAHB: Danes are the happiest people in the world, they say –  what do you think?

It seems so. I also felt incredibly happy, even if I only had one sunny day during my entire trip. 


SAHB: Have you enjoyed hygge, the Danish concept everyone is talking about?  How could you describe it?

Hygge, well…I came back home and I started buying candles and interior warm lights and different essences for my bedroom, so what do you think? It had me at Hello. Hygge is like a warm delicious dessert on a very cold day.


SAHB: What were you most impressed with about Copenhagen?

The bikes! It’s such a  phenomenon!  Everybody – even the elderly -ride their bikes everywhere, drivers ALWAYS respect you as a cyclist, the air felt so fresh and everything became moving pictures through my eyes, knowing that nothing bad could happen to me, even if the last time I was on a bike was when I was 16.


SAHB: Best memory you have from your Copenhagen trip?

  • THAT amazing coffee place with a view over that central square – it was my first contact with Copenhagen. I think it’s called Illum Rooftop. 
  • AND that sunny day at Svanemøllen Strand; the sea was so blue and calm. All my thoughts disappeared and I just felt happy.
  • Ooooh, and the BINGO night – I played bingo for the first time in a church that was transformed into a sort of a bar. I didn’t win, but I got chocolate bars. It was so much fun! Ah, it’s called Absalon


Copenhagen is surrounded by the sea, would you ever like to live in a city that’s best friends with the sea?

Of course. I’m a mermaid.

Anything that you think Copenhageners should work on?

Well, I wasn’t so impressed with the colours Danes wear: white, grey, black and that’s it. So, maybe they could add some more. But then again, that would also change the identity of the city. And I like it the way it is.


Let’s talk Danish – does it tickle your ears?

It tickles my tongue. And it sounds as if you’re always solving math exercises for me.

Your favourite hang-out place in Copenhagen?

Just take me by the sea and it will be perfect.


Have you been the same since you’ve got back?

Absolutely NOT. I started spending more time at home, writing for my new musical album, enjoying my solitude and also planning my next trip to Copenhagen.


Something about CPH that:

Makes you smile: My face every time I was on a bike in traffic: when the red light turned green I remember being so scared that I couldn’t start the bike properly. 

 Makes you miss it: The modesty of people.

 Makes you wish you were there: HYGGE. I mean, I tried to recreate it here but it doesn’t work the same.

That makes you buy a plane ticket right now: Ha, I might just do this as we speak!

What if:

CPH was a song: I’ll stick to  Radiohead – Everything in its right place. It also refers to people, it’s the kind of place that makes you reconnect with your true self.

 CPH was a smellHot soy vanilla milk.

CPH was a man: Batman.

CPH was a piece if clothing: A grey, fluffy, huuuuge cosy sweater.

 CPH was a colour: Definitely WHITE.


Thank you for everything, dear Andreea!

Andreea is wearing: Asos dress, Flippo Catarzi hat, vintage bracelets, Wood Wood sunglasses, Andreea’s own rings.

Styling and Photography by Ana Borta