Andreea Verde’s short guide to Bucharest

It’s June, it’s summer! Or at least this is what the calendar says, but we’ll probably have to wait a bit more for it to arrive in Copenhagen, if it ever happens. Have you decided what to do this summer? If you’re still thinking about it, here’ s an idea: Bucharest!

The Little Paris is just wonderful in the summer and it’s full of beautiful places that are waiting to be discovered. My good friend Andreea Verde is the first one  to tell us her secret spots to-go-to  while visiting Bucharest, and believe me – she knows them all-  being a true Bucharest girl.

Enjoy this interview and please join the conversation,  if you know some other lovely spots that we haven’t mentioned.

SAHB:  How would you describe Bucharest to someone who has never been?

Eclectic and musical. With a weird mix of people, depending on the places you choose to visit. It’s like a painting that fades from very powerful colours to grey.

SAHB: What’s your favorite hidden cofeeshop?

JazzBook in Cotroceni.


SAHB: And your favorite place to buy vintage?

It used to be Thomas Antiques, but they’ve just closed-it. I need to find another one, and soon! 

SAHB: The best pub in the city?

I love the vibe from Alt Shift and Journey Pub.


SAHB:  And your favorite bakery?

Mmmm, that’s a hard one. Rue du Pain, I guess.

SAHB: Where can you spot the fashion crowd?

The best way to find ’em all is going to designers’ events or fashion shows. 


SAHB: What is the one food you have to try in Bucharest and where is the best place to have it?

I’ve been to so many places and tried so many dishes that I don’t know anymore. I am not a big fan of Bucharest cuisine, especially because I don’t like meat. But if you feel like eating something exotic,  like good Indian food – you can go to Taj or Karishma. And, as a dessert, you should definitely try the yogurt pie from Calif. It’s mouthwatering!


SAHB: Where’s the best place to escape?

I always love going somewhere where I can see the city from above. The view gives me a really good feeling of freedom. Radio Gold Fm is on the 16’th floor, I love their balcony and another place a like is Nucleus. It’s new and besides delicious drinks, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets! Also, the umbrellas from Acuarela Cafe are quite bohemian, they can make you forget you are in the middle of the city.

SAHB: What is one touristy place you still love visiting?

MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art – ALWAYS! 


SAHB: You’re meeting up with friends for a night out, where are you headed?

Control Club, for sure! 🙂

SAHB: Your absolute favourite restaurant?

IKEA :)) I’m kidding, although they have some memorable tasty almond cakes. I used to do reviews of all the new places in Bucharest so I have this mindset of not choosing a favourite restaurant. But I’ve tried some interesting dishes at DADA, Shift, Don Vito. Ota’s soups are kind of famous too.

SAHB:  Can you tell us what your idea of a perfect day in Bucharest is?

In order to be perfect, it has to be impredictable, cinematic, with a good vibe and a memorable soundtrack. Possible locations: Botanical Garden, cute little streets where you can easily get lost (with beautiful houses), MNAC, hidden gardens, bohemian tea houses, any place near a lake.


SAHB: What’s the best way to get around the city—car, subway, bike?

Subway, definitely! But in the summertime bikes are quite cute, and there are a lot of new bike lanes so you can definitely hop on your bike and feel the buzz of the city. 

SAHB: The best spot for a good photograph in Bucharest is…

…. Go with the flow. There is not such thing as “a best spot”, it’s all about the stories and the memories. Choose a memorable place for you. And it will become YOUR PLACE.