Another year in Aarhus, another Northside

It’s not summer until it’s Northside, we say! And sometimes, not even then. This year’s first festival was special because it brought miss Mumi to Aarhus, with Ana and I, for a whole weekend.  To sum it up: long, rainy days and short, bright nights. For the highs and lows, read below…

Highs: I got to see Frank Ocean, and that’s hard to top, in my books. The concert was every bit of what I had imagined: simple, intimate, emotional. There was no difference between there and when I play his music in my room. Except that it was live (impeccable live) and I could see him. Priceless.

Lows: everybody else besides me hated him :)))

Highs: we got tickets from work for Saturday, so I was there with my favourite team, enjoying the food, the drinks and the music. Seriously, I couldn’t love these guys more, they made this last year worth the move.

Lows: they all left to go tend to their significant others in the middle of the day #facepalm #foreveralone Highs: seeing so many familiar faces from when I used to live in Aarhus, back in my student years; always having someone to hang out with; having friends whose workplace is across the street from Northside, chilling in their conference room and having an Italian cook me pasta. While waiting for The Prodigy. Like a boss.

Lows: belonging to too many separate groups of people, failing to get them all together and desperately trying to make memories with all of them. Spending most of the time texting each other’s whereabouts and shuffling between old and new friends.Highs: living relatively close to the festival and being able to go home in between concerts to make outfit adjustments according to the meteorological conditions, thus preventing your kidneys from divorcing each other. Squeezing a cafe latte with Baileys in between outfit changes.

Lows: ending up with three incredibly dirty and wet pairs of boots to resuscitate. Blowing up my hair dryer from putting it inside the boots after day 1, so I could wear them on day 2 as well, causing it to melt and change shape. My boots were dry. My hair diffuser is now a useless piece of plastic though. #priorities

 Highs: Richard Ashcroft and Bittersweet Symphony with Ana and Cristina

Lows: leaving the Radiohead concert because I couldn’t take the rain anymore. And also waking up at 6 am the next day. To work. #fml