Pictures by Ciprian Trip

WITH WINTER. I don’t mind the cold, the wind, the snow…. it’s just that I need light, daytime, sunshine, clear skies. So I don’t become depressed and bitter and turn to ice cream for comfort. Luckily I have friends to get me out of my room and out of this state of mind. Even if it’s just for a walk and a cup of hot chocolate, I love having a reason to put on make up and come up with an outfit. And when you share the walk with a photographer friend… well, this is what happens.  For this one, I loved how the different shades of brown mixed together, and I’m happy I finally got to wear this dress that I’ve been keeping in my closet for months, because of its weird length. Long dresses and skirts are not my thing, but I thought I should try something new for once. And even though I like how it looks and feels, I still think I’m going to cut this one short. Or at least shorter. What do you think? There is a short version below.

Oh and the bag, it’s a traditional Romanian bag, handmade by the people living in my hometown. I love the ethnic print on it, and since I have three different ones, I am so looking forward to style them. I’ve been carrying this one around ever since I got back to Dk, and its much more practical than I thought.

Stay warm and have a great rest of the week! And if you want to see some amazing pictures taken by Ciprian, click here!


Wearing: dress S’NOB, jacket H&M, hat MANGO, booties COS, handmade bag_MG_2220_MG_2225_MG_2236 _MG_2212 _MG_2215 _MG_2219 _MG_2218