Before – Urban House

Yay! We received our invitation for the Urban House Grand Opening.  We’re so excited to attend!

Remember Urban House, the cool hotel from the centre of Copenhagen that we’ve been bragging about? They’re ready! Ready to take over events, to welcome you in, to get you inked, to show you their dance moves and great cooking skills!

We briefly saw the place while it was still in the making, and also visited two weeks ago and  we were so impressed with the immense work that everybody in the Urban House team has done. Congrats, it all looks incredible!

So before we ‘invite you’ in their cozy rooms, we must show you the rough image of the initial venue. Of course, we found a perfect use for it: an “underground/before photoshoot”.

Stay close for the “After Photoshoot”!


DSC_1668DSC_1707DSC_1703DSC_1710DSC_1740DSC_1736-2DSC_1695DSC_1717DSC_1804DSC_1809Photos by Claudio La Barbera

Outfit details

Ana is wearing: Levi’s jeans, H&M shirt, Acne top, Asos stockings, Shoeshibar heels and vintage necklace.

Ligia is wearing: DR. DENIM jeans, vintage top, CoSTUME NATIONAL denim vest, Warrior boots, New Era Brooklyn Nets cap