Berlin – East side girls

On Thursday evening, Ana and I were arriving in Berlin, completely lost and tired, trying to figure out which train to take and from which platform. On Saturday morning we were a party of nine, being  guided through the must see places in the East side by a true Berliner. Even though the score was 9 Romanians to 1 German, that didn’t stop Rene from blending in the gang and impress us with his colourful Romanian language skills.

Eventually, I did get a surprise birthday gift, from miss Mumi, who showed up unexpectedly and once the gang was complete we had an amazing day, with old friends and new ones, being silly, childish and free. Because there’s no other way you can be in the East side, but yourself. I was so impressed by, and quite envious of the way people lived here: freely, in houses that they built, surrounded only with the necessary things, dressing however they pleased and being whomever they wanted to be. No restrictions, no social conventions to follow, no snobbery and pretence. It was such a liberating feeling to know that places like these still exist, especially in a western capital. I think the pictures speak for themselves, about the good mood, laughter and happiness that surrounded us all day long.

LIMG_3710 IMG_3712 IMG_3713 IMG_3716 IMG_3689 IMG_3701 IMG_3704 IMG_3762 IMG_3743 IMG_3708