It’s been a while since our trip to Berlin and we’ve been so busy around here that we didn’t have  the time to share it with you. I also blame it on this weather. It seems like November came back to Copenhagen. It’s extremely cold, rainy and…we are in a slow-motion mode.  But enough about this. Let me tell you about Berlin!

The entire trip was a birthday present for Ligia, the Aries from our team! It all started as a surprise, but because I’m the worst surprise planner… I finally gave it all away without even noticing. Well, no harm done! I still had some Aces up my sleeve, like Cristina’s arrival! Yeah, you’ve heard me right: we all met in the German capital and we had the best of times! We have two  posts for you, with the three of us, coming really soon!

This one is from East Side Gallery (before Cristina’s arrival) with Anca, Ligia’s sister and Corina, our host.  What once separated entire families from each other,  is now street art, full of colours and freedom messages. We stopped every five minutes to get a photo. It was a great first day!

Have you been to Berlin, yet? What’s you favourite part of the city?