One month of sweet vacation started last week with a special event, one of my best oldest friend’s wedding. And again, I was one of the bridesmaids, this time together with my sister. We wanted to wear something special for this wedding, but couldn’t really agree on a dress that we all liked and was easy to find (as we live in different countries), so after months and months of brainstorming, together with the bride we decided to wear our dearest Romanian blouses to the wedding. And it seems like we made the right choice. No dress makes me feel more special than one that was handmade in my family, revealing the care, craftsmanship and strength of the women who sewed every single embroidery by hand. We both wore our ‘ie’, or traditional blouse from Oltenia, with matching skirts and flower crowns. And we were all smiles, all day long. It’s amazing how something so modest and often overlooked, like our traditional wear, can have such a big impact today, when trends come and go every season. And it’s quite a blessing to have something trully timeless to hold on to. Don’t you think?

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