As you’ve probably noticed, our Instagram profiles were bombarded with posts and stories from our Californian adventure and by now you know how much we loved it there, still, I decided to write a bit about the entire experience, as it has a chance to win ‘The best holiday’ prize.

We left rainy Copenhagen and after 4 movies, 2 documentaries and a bit of sleep, we landed in sunny and summery Los Angeles. Seeing the palm trees and the beautiful sunset, we couldn’t wait to get out of the plane! Oh well, little did we know that it would take a while to go through customs and security, get the car we rented and then try to find our way through LA traffic. Ligia was the assigned driver and she was great I may say, and I was her copilot trying my best to not give her the wrong directions, which I did, a couple of times. We enjoyed more of the city, so all was good!

We spent a lot of our time being mesmerised, by the weather, the fashion, the food (sooo good!), the city, the ocean and so much more. We loved the freedom that floated all around us, the vintage shops (more about this in a different post), the beach and the Californian lifestyle in general. We enjoyed the morning sun, wearing dresses and sandals, lots of matcha lattes and granola bowls. While in LA we spent most of our time cruising through Venice Beach, on Melrose Avenue, scouting the coolest cafes and vintage shops, and people watching. Yes, people watching is the best way to spend your time in LA, it’s just so entertaining. After some days in the City of Angles, we took the fastest highway to San Francisco, a vibrant city, and a vintage lover’s heaven. I have never seen so many vintage shops on the same street, ever! Not even in NY, Montreal or London. Ashbury Haight is the place to be if you’re looking for a vintage treasure to take home. And we took so many! We saw Golden Gate, a sight that’s pretty much just amazing, checked out the bars and realised that we should’ve planned more days in San Fran. We’ll def return!

Finally, we took highway 1 back to LA and drove through canyons with the sun setting just in front of us, until we reached the ocean. They don’t call it Scenic Drive for nothing, it’s probably the most beautiful road trip I’ve ever experienced: driving just next to the ocean, stopping to see beautiful empty beaches and passing through the most charming little American towns. After spending a couple of days in Big Sur, we arrived in Los Angeles full of energy and sad that our trip was soon coming to an end. Our last days in LA were spent in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Malibu, where we saw so many sea creatures, among these a wonderful sight: a dancing whale. In that moment our hearts exploded. We felt so lucky!

I’m running out of coffee and time, so I’ll leave you with this story but stay close by, more will come!