We are Ana, Ligia and Cristina.

Three girls living in London, UK and Aarhus, Denmark. Skip a Heart Beat is a blog we created to share our love for fashion, style, colors, beauty and our cultural heritage.

Skip a Heart Beat was born one late autumn night, on a mattress, from the idea of let’s do something together. Do what? Let’s make a blog. About what? About something we are all passionate about (pause, pause, pause) … Fashion? Bingo!

The name came about one year later, after a long, unsuccessful brainstorming session, when we decided to just open a book and read out loud. And as soon as some character’s “heart skipped a beat”, that was it!

And here we are,



I’m Ana: an English teacher, a fashion blogger, a photographer and writer…


Officially I am Cristina Mihaela Stan, but my friends and family call…


After having lived for 4 years in Aarhus, one master degree in…


Skip a Heartbeat was born one late autumn night out of common…