IMG_7932Pictures by Ana Borta

Today’s post is about my version of an Iberian look. I bought this off-the-shoulders top exactly 12 years ago and it’s been one of my summer favorites ever since. The fact that it’s still my go-to top for hot summer days proves three things:1. my body hasn’t changed much in the meantime; 2. I have so many clothes that they rarely get damaged from over-wearing them; 3. I’m definitely a hoarder. I get emotionally attached to every single thing that I own and that makes it so hard to let go of them. I also strongly believe that the things that I buy were meant to be mine (good excuse for shopping) and can’t imagine seeing them on someone else. Anyways, a radical closet cleaning is about to happen, due to the fact that I am moving out, so keep an eye on Facebook to see what you can get your hands on.

LIMG_7937 IMG_7931IMG_7940IMG_7939IMG_7943 IMG_7930

Outfit details

Top House of Art

Skirt vintage

Earrings H&M

Rings Topshop

Bracelets vintage

Sandals VNC Philippines