Cheers for 2016!

Happy New Year,  everyone! How are you? Are you back on your feet? Or are you still struggling with the New Year’s hangover?

I usually celebrate New Year’s Eve in Romania, somewhere in the mountains with old friends. It’s a skiing trip that transforms itself into a party weekend.  This time around, I’ve decided to enjoy  Copenhagen’s NYE fireworks and a very international party, with people from all over the world. It sounded like a good change! And it definitely was! It was super cozy and fun, with good food, hilarious dance moves and blurry memories ( for the next morning!)

What is the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration for you? Is it travelling somewhere special, going to a fancy party or enjoying a cozy night in? Oh, and which traditions do you like to follow through? Do you kiss under the mistletoe, do you eat grapes, fish or jump off chairs? Or maybe some other one we haven’t heard about. Which one?

We ate fish ( to only move forward in the new year) and jumped off chairs. It was great fun and despite the alcohol level nobody got hurt!  Still,  I can’t believe we’re in 2016! Time flyes and the only thing we have left are great memories. So, let’s make some more amazing memories to cherish and enjoy a magical year filled with love and  madness ( the good kind)!

Lots of LOVE