Chez Isabelle Vijiiac

When I first heard that Isabelle was launching her Spring/Summer collection I knew I had to go check it out. I expected amazing, romantic dresses in beautiful silky materials. Well, I wasn’t disappointed at all, I was actually impressed. The dresses looked like taken out of a fairytale waiting to happen.  But this post is not really about the new collection, but about their designer, Isabelle and her inspiration.

We met in her Parisian workshop in Bucharest. She wore a cute flowery dress and I just had to photograph her. After a night out dancing, she still found  the energy to show me around and  to take my photos ( that we’ll see in another post).

Before we get the chance to photograph the new collection (this is just a preview) we had to ask Isabelle where did she find the inspiration for it?

Isabelle: My inspiration comes from different things and places, this time it was Loulou la Falaise as well as floral elements, pastels and the fashion from the 70’s.  I worked with masculine cuts and boho, light fabrics. The result is glamorous!

If you’re in need of a beautiful new piece in your wardrobe, go visit Isabelle’s workshop, you’ll be leaving with a big smile on your face, just like I did!