Christmas time in Vienna

A few hours in Vienna is enough to see how much the Viennese love Christmas and sugar. The city was so beautifully decorated and full of shoppers, and the Christmas Markets spread the most amazing scents: from apfelstrudel, ginger bread, candy cane and the Weihnachtspunsch (Christmas punch), everything smelled  and looked delicious. If I had to use one word to describe this city, it would be “royal”. Although Denmark is a monarchy, royalty is better represented in Vienna, in the architecture, the large boulevards, the parks, the luxurious shopping centers. Basically, nothing looks contemporary, as every building is like a castle.

I had a great guide, Daniel, so I managed to see a lot in a short time: a castle, the city hall, the Parliament, the theater, the Opera, the University, the Christmas Market, the shopping district and some amazing cafés. To stay warm I wore a SUIT sweater, MINIMUM leggings, COS booties, H&M faux fur jacket, ATMOSPHERE bag and GINA TRICOT knitted scarf.

Three more days until Christmas! Yaaaayy!!!

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