Colourful Nyhavn

Here’s a text written by one of my wonderful students. We had a writing contest and Emelyne is the happy winner. Her goal is to master English and I do think she’s on her way. In the description below she talks about Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s most popular street. Enjoy and congrats, Emelyne! Well done!

Maybe the most famous place in Copenhagen, Nyhavn is known worldwide for its colourful houses, its boats moored along the canal and its bars and restaurants which make it alive late at night.  But Nyvhan has not always been this unavoidable postcard decor. Indeed, before becoming one of the most touristic places in Denmark, Nyvhan was a landmark for sailors and like indicated by its name (Nyhavn meaning « new port » in English), was used as a gateway by the fishing boats to join the sea of the old city, close to Kongens Nytorvn (the Royal Place).

After the Second World War, the land trade improved significantly and the boats started to disappear. In 1977, Nyvhan was inaugurated as a museum port.

Today, you can walk on the North side of the canal, enjoying the colourful view or just rest on the edge of the canal with a glass of wine and a good friend. I prefer Nyhavn during Christmas time when the lights together with the Christmas market make it magical. You can also choose to walk on the other alley, which offers an overview of the absolutely beautiful North side and where you can see the house of the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen, who lived at number 20 for 18 years of his life. Don’t worry if you have a limited budget, you can also sit by the water with a bottle of wine,  enjoying the view, the fragrances and the Scandinavian atmosphere, which is so relaxing!

Finally, and If you have the time, try to pass by the Hong Kong Bar, which is an old fishermen bodega  where you can admire an extraordinary collection of international and historical bills, and of course, you should try the beer and the snaps. It’s a must ! 

Written by Emelyne Grelletynyhavn_in_winter