One week since I’ve been back in Denmark and so much has already happened. Moved back to Aarhus, started a new job, and… that’s about it. But I mean, it’s big things, right? The moving part is not such a big change, partly because I lived here before and everything is so familiar (I even have many friends here), partly because I am keeping my room in Copenhagen and I’m planning to go back as often as time allows me to. But the new job is definitely a big deal for me, but I’ll save the details for another time.

So now I’m facing the first weekend away from Copenhagen, all by myself. Usually what I would do there is take my bike for a spin around the hood looking for the occasional flea markets and making spontaneous but very important pit stops (either for pizza or for ice-cream, or both).

Now that I’m away, I regret not going outside Nørrebro more (what can you do when the hood is just so cool?) to discover new streets, cafes or parks. Like the hidden gem that is Olufsvej, a cosy and very Danish street just minutes away from our place, that I probably passed so many times without noticing. It wasn’t until my last day in the city before going on vacation, that Søren from The Locals brought us there for a quick photoshoot, otherwise we still wouldn’t have known of it. I guess you really need to be around a ‘local’ to learn all the good spots.

Do you have any favourite places that you frequent as a local in your city?

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Wearing a Zara dress, vintage denim vest, Bally shoes, Henrik Vibskov sunglasses and vintage leather bag.