Copenhagen Fashion Week, day I

As Copenhagen Fashion Week came to an end, I drew myself a list with all the items I’d like to buy from what I saw on the catwalk. It’s pretty long  so I must start making good money now!

It was my first Copenhagen Fashion Week and it was breathtaking! The organization was flawless, and as press you are treated so well. But let’s talk about the shows. Most of them were simple, not too much fuss, but just a plain presentation of beautiful clothes. Han Kjøbenhavn and Henrik Vibskov ( Ligia wrote about it here) were the only ones that actually put on a show, an experience for the viewers. I’m still trying to understand Henrik Vibskov’s Messy Message but Han Kjæbenhavn’s Apparat was clearer to me. It presented a world so consumed with technology that two of the models actually comminted suicide on stage, and were *dead* until the end of the show. I was lucky enough to sit down next to the mother of one of the designers. She was  so proud and chatty. It was  just so great to get to know her a bit.

These are some of my favourite items presented on the first day. I’m a sucker for feminity so the Great Greenland final piece, the dress, and Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s coats are definetly on my list.

What about you? Which items are your favourites?


ps: stay close for Day 2!

Design by Nicklas Skovgaard

Design by Maikel Tawadros

Design by Han Kjæbenhavn

Fonnesbech fonnesbech1
Design by Fonnesbech

Design by Mark Kenly Domino Tan

stlbs3 stlbs1
Lace by Stasia

sand3 sand1
Design by Sand

Design by Asger Juel Larsen

gg1 gg
Design by Great Greenland and Jesper Høvring

Design by Mads Nørgaard

Photos by Copenhagen Fashion Week