Officially I am Cristina Mihaela Stan, but my friends and family call me Mumi and you may do the same 🙂 But to be able to call me under my nickname you need to get to know me better, so here it goes.
I’m a ginger Pisces. If you believe in zodiac signs like me, this might tell you a lot already. I’m a fashionblogger, feminist and activist for human rights. I discovered my parents’ Smena photo camera when I was 10 and have been in love with photography ever since. I love red, white and black, my home made beauty products and DIY projects, I love drinking mate in the morning, sing out loud on the street on my way to work,  and I have a thing for rummaging in second hand shops for unusual jewelery, hats and dresses.
After finishing my master in Gender studies I decided to start my trip around the world – first stop: London, my home for the last 3 years. This amazingly vibrant city inspired me to share my passion for photography, Romania, my quirky style and everyday adventures in an on-line “journal” that is Skip a Heartbeat. It’s amazing to share all of this with Ana and Ligia, best 2 buddies one could ask for such a ride!
I am not sure if I ever had a style icon, but definitely my fashion style is influenced by music and Kurt Cobain. And Erin Wasson. My fashion sense evolved and changed along the years but I would say that now my fashion style is a cocktail of relaxed, feminine, beachy, grunge, ethnic, “don’t complicate fashion”, quirky items.
OK, now that you can officially call me Mumi, I’m super excited to hear your stories, your take on fashion and style, your critiques and your opinions about what we do here on SAHB!
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