Every time I travel back home, I have a connection problem. Because my dad insists in me having a Romanian sim card paid by him ( I cannot fight it, I’ve tried many times) I therefore have just enough data to send a couple of messages and upload a photo on FB. Naturally, I expected  this summer to be a disaster, but I must tell you, I actually enjoyed being internet – free . Besides, Romanians are different than Scandinavians, they prefer to call you rather than to text you, whereas in Denmark, texting is everything and a lot of FB texting as well, which I believe it’s distracting and time consuming. It’s definitely easier to call but calling is just a bit too intrusive, so we’re stuck with texting here up North.

My dad wants me to stay disconnected, at least while ‘you are with your family’ – as he says. He believes I spend too much time online, even though it doesn’t feel like this for me. To make him happy and as an experiment, I promised to not access the internet in any way during our camping trip. It was a test for myself and a project: what do people do nowadays when they are not online? Is being offline the new luxury? The four days spent in the mountains, disconnected from the virtual world were truly inspiring. I must confess that it was difficult on the first day and I sneaked a photo on instagram, but that was it. Promise!

We went to this beautiful lake nearby our town, where my dad usually goes fishing. It’s called Vidra Lake and it’s definitely worth a visit. It was just us, we had the lake and the entire forest to ourselves. What else could we wish for? The location was beautiful – we went hiking, swimming, fishing, enjoyed suntanning sessions and told hilarious family stories next to the campfire. Oh! and the sunrise and sunset were just to die for. Perfect!

Enjoying all these without feeling the urge to share them on the social media, at least not at that point left space for relaxation and really experiencing the moment. Even so,  I planned writing this post for a while and it feels good to finally share it with you.

How much time do you spend online? Is social media really something that you couldn’t live without?


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