Distortion happened and it kickstarted the festival season in Denmark.  We’ve just returned from NorthSide and Tinderbox and Roskilde are next: our summer is pretty booked, at least until July.  But it will be filled with amazing live music, friends and loads of fun, so sleeping 4 hours a night doesn’t sound too bad after all 🙂

This post is about Distortion, the one week festival that brings dance music and chaotic fun to Copenhagen. The streets become party arenas, the music is playing, everybody is dancing and the city and its people are unrecognazible. It was the first time I experienced this craziness and I must tell you, it was much more than I expected. There were no inhibitions – I guess the alcohol took care of that- and everyone we’re truly enjoying themselves, just the way it should be! In one word it was madness to see all of this during the day in a city that’s mostly alive at night!

We’re preparing articles from London and Northside – stay close!