There are few places on Earth where I feel the happiest and completely at ease. One of them is the beach, any beach, where I could stay all day, all night, and just listen to waves crash on the shore.  Another one is home in the Romanian country side, a place where time is still. You get out of the car and suddenly it feels like you travelled back in time.

The rules of the house are: eat, relax, hydrate, keep cool, and nothing else matters. No need to charge the phone, cause there’s no connection anyway, so I had nothing else to do than to enjoy this freedom. Summer in the south of the country means temperatures of up to 40 degrees, and only one cure: fresh watermelon. Slice, after slice, after slice, until I had to roll over cause I couldn’t walk anymore. And that sums up my vacation in the countryside.

LigiaIMG_9150 IMG_9146 IMG_9147 IMG_9138 IMG_9145Photos by Anca Maracu

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Dress VILA

Shoes, no need