The last outfit that I chose from LaChatterie is a candy pink leather dress, with lace embroidery. Because I like pink so much, and the combination of leather and silk, and the delicacy of the dress. This whole atelier experience got me to reconsider my shopping ways. It is a different, better feeling to know that you are wearing a custom made, one of a kind dress, and that there is no way you can spot several other people on the street wearing the same outfit as you. Which is what recently happened with an H&M fur coat, that I see on everyone on the bus and subway, here and in Bucharest. I’m gonna try to stay away from H&M for a while, especially now that the sale season is on. I also promised myself that I would no longer buy clothes for the sake of buying, but treat them as a long term investment.

I can only say that if you ever want to feel like “the only girl in the world”, any of LaChatterie dresses will do the trick. You can check theirΒ Facebook page or website, and you should know that Isabelle makes the dresses only by order, according to every clients’ measurements, and ships them pretty much everywhere. And she’s only one e-mail away πŸ™‚

I left my heart in this showroom, but I did not leave empty handed, as one piece of clothing from the pictures you’ve already seen, is now all mine (who could resist?). Can you guess which one? πŸ™‚

Take care and, as one of my friends says, stay strong!

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