Searching for the perfect SCARF.

If you’re one of those people who somehow manage to own more scarves than socks, then you are simply going to love this post. For me, scarves are the ultimate most wearable in any situation accessory. Lots of times a scarf is my only accessory because a scarf can simply “upgrade” an outfit without trying too much.

Hence fall/winter season is not only HATs season like we mentioned in another recent post, but its also the SCARF season. A season I adore! And I adore most particularly the fall/winter 2021 season because when it comes to scarves we have a few delicious trends: faux FUR, precious silk, traditional prints, long&sleek&sexy, knots, tartan, bold colors, and big chunky knits.

Tell us which one is your favorite one????

Enjoy the ride!








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