Fall for these Super 7

Autumn seems to have set its alarm clock a few weeks earlier than what we had in mind, but hey what comes ahead in terms of fashion looks pretty good to us! Minimal effort, maximum impact: The chicest way to dress this season. In keeping with this season’s love of all things ’70s, it’s only expected that the color of choice is brown. Ok and grey, because grey looks at its best this autumn!

We have put together for you 7 wardrobe items you need to have in your wardrobe these next few months. 7 items that make dressing so much easier and dare we say, shouldn’t be missed every fall not just this one! And you don’t even have to skip several dinners to do that, we sourced all our pickings today at Zara, for a cheaper alternative but still good quality fabrics and cuts.



The high waist trousers 

Take a break from the skinny silhouette and pull on some high waist trousers instead. Elongate your legs by wearing them with high heels or chic wedges. We found these grey (love grey in autumn!) high waist fishbone pattern trousers which are comfortable, keep you warm and look ace!

3859110802_6_1_1 6873104081_2_1_1The comfy grey turtle neck

Do we need to say more? Oh yeah the longer the sleeves the better!

7134001040_2_6_1  The boots

These 3 great pair of boots can be paired up either with jeans or wool trousers…come to think of it, even yoga pants! The heel is not so high to make you dizzy, but enough to make your legs longeeeer.



The sunshine scarf

If you’re collecting scarf like we do, then you’ll understand why we are so crazy about this one. Such a sunny colour, guaranteed to cheer up even the cloudiest day!


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The “Throw Me On” coat 

We are obsessed with coats, maybe because most of the year in the nordic countries we live in coats – from fall to spring, 9 months a year . So it is very important to us to find the one that strikes the perfect balance between easy to throw it on in the morning without thinking too much and still chic enough to pull out an office job. We found 3 options which we think tick all points!



The easy going cropped jeans 

We don’t say forget about your skinny black jeans, but we say try these ones as well. They make a good alternative to your usual look and they do look great when you’re riding a bike :p



The “Take me Out” bag

For easy breezy weekends when you just need your essentials and nothing more to get out of the house and enjoy a cup of spicy latte at the design cafeteria across the street from your house. Ok, maybe not anyone lives nearby one :), but you’ll want to find one now!



Happy shopping !