Hello, sleepyheads! I woke up this morning to a snowstorm that looked so beautiful from the other side of the window, inviting me to a warm cuddling day spent in bed, but that felt so horrible when I was out on the bike lane. The struggle is real, believe me! Pedalling on a snowy, slippery lane, with snowflakes in my eyes, dripping mascara and wind that almost knocked me down is not a fun way to start my day. No other time have I missed my favourite scarf as right now. It was so cozy, and big, and I could wrap it around my head and shoulders and not feel a thing. And now I’m talking about it in past tense because I lost it. Or, I forgot it. In a shopping bag, with my favourite gloves, and headband, and some duty free goodies. On a bus in Bucharest. Right after having proudly gotten off the plane with all my belongings on me. Which lately has been quite an achievement. Luckily I have these snaps that Claudio took right before Christmas, so I can always remember what a great looking scarf I used to have.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!DSC_7528 DSC_7489 DSC_7488 DSC_7534 DSC_7580

Outfit details

Vintage cashmere sweater

H&M pants

Gina Tricot scarf

COS booties

Vintage leather bag