Favourite vintage skirt

Isn’t it funny how the more you want something, the harder it is to get it? And as soon as you stop trying and almost forget why you wanted it in the first place, that’s when it casually walks into your life? Lately. I have been discussing this a lot with my friends, because it keeps happening to us. You finally get them out of your head, stop stalking them online, move on and then boom! Ana finds the perfect pair of sunglasses in & Other Stories when she wasn’t even there to shop for herself. That’s exactly how I accidentally found this skirt in a second hand shop in Aarhus and couldn’t believe that no one had bought it before me. Needless to say, searching for a piece like this in Denmark would have been a failure since it contradicts so much with the Scandinavian style. So I grabbed it and surprisingly, have been complimented on it ever since. Especially by Danes. Hmmm…

What is your favourite piece that you stumbled upon or that you are still longing for?

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