Feeling Blue

Few days before going to my first Roskilde, I was a bit naive believing in sunny weather. But I live in Denmark, right?
When I checked the weather forecast for the next 5 days and the probability of rainy weather was way too high I became pretty nervous and went shopping that stylish raining coat that I always wanted.
I have tried the Rains coats many times and as a black lover I was always pretty sure about my colour choice. Still, every summer I go crazy with sunny colours and Rains has just released a new colourful collection: light blue and baby yellow are included, wohoo! I was in doubt! All of a sudden black seemed pretty boring. Even though I still don’t think we really have summer in Denmark – bright and sunny colours will always win!
I was about to buy one of these, but frankly would you go to a 4 days camping music festival with your nice new coat? So, I decided to wait with my shopping. But, when Ana and I checked the Roskilde Festival shopping area, we came across the Rains shop. I saw that all stuff was 50% off! Yay! Ana convinced me that light blue goes nicely with my eyes and finally I got my so much wanted Rains coat! After that, I was kinda excited about raining, cause I was ready! 
As Copenhagen cries today because my very good friend is going back to Italy, at least I can brighten up the greyish streets with my new baby-blue Rains coat!

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Photos by Ana


Rains raining coat, Vans slip-on, vintage shorts, Monki flower crown, Day Birger et Mikkelsen Daybag, H&M leather jacket