Festival way

Better late than sorry, so here is one of my festival “looks” on the last and 3rd day of Northside this year. The last day was pretty much dry until it started to rain cats and dogs around 9 pm right before Radiohead.  This was actually the day I managed to go around the festival grounds and test properly the food, the drinks and dive in the dancing tent.

I’m wearing a thrift playsuit, hat and rain jacket, Ligia’s boots 😛 and Atmosphere jumper. Playsuit vs. festival toilets might seems like a game you already lost before you started playing. But no! Actually, Northside toilets were pretty decent and with “a little bit of help from my friends” I managed to step out with an empty bladder and dry clothes. My yoga sessions definitely helped too 🙂 Probably next time I’ll avoid a playsuit unless the weather man can guarantee clear skies and over 25 degrees.

I know my face doens’t say so, but I’m looking forward to next year!

Cristina x 

our very own “iron man” Dan 🙂 

happy smiles