Forever young

I don’t know how this happened but I think I’m slowly turning into a 9 to 5 kind of person, who works in an office five days a week and lives on the weekend. I can feel adulthood creeping up on me and I do not like it. I have three more months of full time internship and I’m so looking forward to what’s next. But honestly, I don’t know how people do it. This kind of lifestyle is something I’ve been running away from my whole life, but the older I get, the harder it is to fight it. Pressure coming from everywhere!!! Thank God it’s Wednesday, so we’re half way there :), in the weekend, when we’re allowed to be dreamers, and lazy, and childish…

I so don’t want to be a Monday hater, I used to love Mondays…


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Outfit details

Dress Zara

Denim jacket H&M

Parka Vero Moda

Shoes Topshop

Vintage scarf and backpack