I don’t know if growing up in Eastern Europe is enough to guarantee you a superstitions haunted adulthood, but that’s exactly what happened to me. Ok, so maybe my overly superstitious grandmother also had something to do with it. Not to mention that I am probably genetically prone to believing in the craziest, most absurd things. And signs. Everywhere I look, there’s signs and hidden meanings.

What lead me to start writing about my superstitions was, first, seeing how intrigued and fascinated my colleagues from the western world are with my strange beliefs, and second, because I am curious to see if I’m the only one who knows about, and sticks to these unwritten rules of life.

The level I am at is so advanced that I can’t just list them. I have to divide them into categories. I know how that sounds, and I’m owning it. So let’s start with food related superstitions. How many can there be? Aha haha ha! You just wait. The first one I ever heard was that if you eat the ends of a loaf of bread or baguette, you know, the first slice, that we all try to avoid during common breakfasts, then boys will fancy you. Which boys? I don’t know, all of them I guess. Yup, I know, pretty lame. I still haven’t checked if this was just one of my parents’ tricks to try to get me to eat. Then, we have the classic salt-spill tragedy. If you spill the salt on the table or on the floor, you can kiss your luck goodbye. Except that there’s a way out of misfortune. Just take a pinch of the spilled salt in your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder. Now repeat that three times. No joke. You’re welcome!

I have one related to drinks as well. While I am drinking, my glass cannot and should not, under any circumstances, be refilled before it’s empty. Otherwise, my children, should I ever have any, will stutter. And no kids should have to pay for their parents’ neglect, so… bottoms up before you refill 🙂 Last ones in this category are silverware related. If you drop the knife on the floor, you’ll get a visit or a phone call from a male. While dropping a fork announces a fight.  Freaked out already? Well too bad, cause there’s more coming 🙂 one Freaky Friday at a time. And if I’m missing anything from this category, please share, I’m in a never ending process of over complicating my life. And sentences.IMG_3661IMG_3643 IMG_3614

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