Friendship Around the World X Muuba

Hello! We are sorry for being so absent in the last few days, but we’ve got great excuses. We just moved over the weekend into a new apartment, and it feels like we’ll never finish unpacking. Plus, I started a new job at Agency V in Copenhagen and things haven’t been quite relaxed here either. By the way, if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by the showroom tomorrow for a shopping spree. You can find what it’s all about here.

Right before the weekend we had this great proposal from Stylefruits. They initiated the Friendship Around the World project, sending an outfit to travel around the world. The outfit is made up of a MUUBA leather jacket and a white organic cotton T-shirt, that bloggers from all over the world get to play with. This is how I wore the two items, while out for coffee along the canal.

Many thanks to Stylefruits for picking us, for liking our friendship story and for sending us the beautiful gold filigree Infinity bracelets.


IMG_1269_Fotor IMG_1268_Fotor IMG_1265_Fotor IMG_1263_Fotor IMG_1274_Fotor IMG_1275_Fotor IMG_1158 IMG_1152

Outfit details

MUUBA leather jacket

White cotton T-shirt

Skirt H&M

Stockings Primark

Shirt ICHI


Ankle booties H&M

Vintage bag