Good bye winter holidays!

Ending the brief winter holiday I had for the past 10 days is hard.  Lazy days are officially over! It’s incredible how quickly one gets used to waking up late and spending the day watching their favourite movies 🙂

Usually, this time of year, after having enjoyed a whole month of Christmas decorations and lights, everything is striped off. So I took advantage of my last free days to go around London’s city centre and capture some of my favorite streets all dressed up for ball. I walked around Regents Street, Liberty’s and Carnaby Street. I think this year I’ve seen one of the best decorations in the last years, so I hope you’ll enjoy them too. For me, these decorations that light up the streets create a special atmosphere in the city, like candles at a romantic dinner.  Plus, I personally am a big sucker for sparkly shinny  things! 😀 They make everything look more glam and they make us feel happier. So this week they are coming down, and I think it is a bit sad when this happens. I find the city looking gloomy without them. But also, it would be a bit strange to see a “Merry Christmas!” sign in the middle of July, although, the way advertisers are marketing “Christmas” these days, we might as well see this happen next summer.

Sending all my love and Happy New Year, sweet cheeks!


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