DSC_1025If you ask me what Bucharest means for me, well this city for me means…acasa. Or home in English, multiplied by 1000.  And every time I’m home I have this weird habit of walking and walking and walking just to see what’s new on the streets, if the bakery where I used to buy “gogosi” and “covrigi” is still there, if the authorities managed to repair that street, if my favorite bar is still open, if summer is as hot as I remembered (yes it is!) and if Herastrau Park (seen in the photos) is as beautiful as always.

I live now in a wonderful city and I will live in other beautiful cities, but I’ll always come back to my first love to bring me with my feet on the ground 🙂 Bucuresti, te iubesc!

PS: thank you to my friend Andreea who took these photos!


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romanian traditional IE

vintage skirt

H&M sandals

collection of traditional ghanian, colombian and no name bracelets