I have always been a big fan of that beach life. Just like everybody else, I know. But my hair and going to the beach don’t really go well together (not that it has ever stopped me from going anyway). Humidity gives it extra, extra volume, salt makes it dry and impossible to even touch, let alone detangle, and then there’s sand. Everywhere. In the shower, on the pillow, but mostly, on my scalp. For what seems like forever. So I thought I’d try something new this time while I am at the seaside, a coconut oil detox. Just to give my hair and myself, a sand free vacation. It works pretty simple, and it’s the best thing you can do to protect your hair. The day before arriving in Vama Veche, I soaked my hair in coconut oil and left it like that for 3 days, reapplying a little bit every day. No more knots, no more huge hair buns before going for a swim (plus, I can do my wave jumping without the fear of getting my hair wet. Because God forbid sea water from touching my hair). Coconut oil works like a hair conditioner, keeping it from tangling and most importantly, keeping sand out of it. Even after a beach roll, because what doesn’t one do to get that right photo, a quick rinse is enough to get rid of all the sand (almost). After day 3, I washed the oil away, and the results are quite satisfactory. No heat damage, no sand falling out at the slightest shake of hair. I can only recommend you to try it out and next time you’re at the beach, give your hair a break!IMG_2011 IMG_2026