Happy faces @Roskilde Festival #day1

Our first day at Roskilde was even better than expected! The rain stayed away for most of the day ( Yaaay!)  and the excitement was high for the evening’s main names: Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Wiz Khalifa.

RHCP was the highlight of the night, as their last visit here wasn’t a success and everyone was super curious to see their performance. And it was worth it, I think! It was like we all went back to the 90’s, they played all the hits and made sure everybody had a blast. I would definitely encourage more contact with the crowd, but It was obvious that everyone was having fun, and in the end this is what matters!

But this is not a concert review, it’s actually about the people that make concerts such great experiences. We walked around and photographed all the faces that make us come back to Roskilde Feestival every year – and this is just a part of the tons of photos we took, there are more to come! So, stay close!