Copenhagen Fashion Week day one ended with Henrik Vibskov’s The Hot Spray Escape show last night at the City Hall. Luckily I made it just in time and had the chance to sit backstage and feel all the excitement of putting together such a big show. I would have thought that people backstage are stressed, nervous, shouting, but that’s not how it was at all. The Vibskov team was so well organised, everyone having their role so that things went in a nice and smooth way. No backstage drama here, I can assure you, and you can see from the pictures I took how relaxed everyone was, enjoying themselves, dancing and having fun.

Looking at this SS16 collection, I am happy to find so many wearable items that still carry that original, out of the ordinary Vibskov element. You will definitely stand out wearing any of the garments from the catwalk, even if it’s a plain white shirt, the craftsmanship and the design being so exquisite. Not to mention the unique colourful prints and that bold orange, and of course the HATS!

What do you think?

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