High on this view!

2016 was quite exhilarating for me in many ways: met some great people, got an entrepreneurial adventure going and finally… went on a North – American road-trip that makes my heart smile every time I think of it.

It’s time to share all of this with you, to blog again and finish up old projects. I’ve decided that the best way to kick-start my North American series is by telling you about my first day in Montreal. You have to remember that I’ve never been to North America before, everything I knew was from uni, books&movies. I was like a kid in a candy store, a kid that knew how delicious the candy was and had been waiting a long, long time to taste it. 


The Canadian city is the perfect blend of American and European everything, downtown Montreal is very much Paris, smells of fresh croissant and coffee, while Mile End, my fav neighbourhood, feels like Brooklyn filled with hipster cafes and boutiques, as I said – the perfect combination! What stroke me about the city was how green it was. I’m not sure what I was expecting but Montreal felt safe and there was so much nature everywhere.

It was late August when we got there and it was hot, hotter than I imagined Canada to be. We started the day with bagels and coffee, and with a walk to Mount Royal, the highest point of the city. For someone who hasn’t seen skyscrapers before the view from Mount Royal was pretty amazing.  I know, I know, I was so taken with this and I had no idea what was about to come… when getting to Boston, let alone New York, but more about this in another post.

We ended at Vieux-Port de Montreal, strolling down the sidewalk with the sun on our face and our hands wrapped around a maple-syrop beer, a must-try when in Canada.

Here are some snaps from that day and stay close, a post about Montreal’s hip neighbourhood, Mile End, is in the making!


Wearing: ACNE shirt, ZARA tee, Levi’s jeans and H&M slip-ons.