Horseback riding, my first time

I’ve always been afraid of horses and I could never find the reason why . Don’t get me wrong, I love horses, they are such marvellous creatures with kind eyes and great stories to tell, only if they could.

While on holiday in Romania, one of my good friends told me about this place, very beautiful place I might add, where you can try horseback riding. After great debate within my family ( mostly from my part), I decided to go for it.

I must tell you that I had such an experience! I’ve never been close to a horse, let aside on a horse before. My heart was racing while Abalo, my new best friend, was just taking a stroll around the ranch. Nothing more. We connected in such a way, that I went there every day after that and until the end of my holiday to visit Abalo and continue my horseback riding lessons. And it got better and better, soon enough I didn’t need anybody guiding me, it was just the two of us, Abalo and I, and it was incredible.

Horseback riding is nowadays one of my favourite activities. It brings so many benefits and you get to connect with such a beautiful and intelligent creature. I mean, it has it all. It strengthens your core, works on your back and on your posture. The more you ride the more you learn how to coordinate yourself with your partner, in my case Abalo. It’s so rewarding on so many levels, I cannot really describe it, you must try it yourself to understand.  I just know  that it grounds me, it helps me disconnect and just enjoy the moment, be there at that point in time.  And there’s the mental exercise that you’re not even aware of. Besides this being a very relaxing and calming experience it really boosts your confidence level. Learning how to interact and with such a huge, impressive animal can change the way you see yourself, it makes you feel just a little bit invincible. Like nothing’s impossible!

Here’s a glimpse of my experience. The big smile is a mixture of fear and happiness, but mostly happiness. Have you ever tried horseback riding? How was your first time?


PS: Always wear a helmet, better be safe than sorry!


DSC_0188DSC_0213DSC_0255DSC_0251DSC_0226DSC_0280And here’s my inspiration: my mother. It was a “If you do it, I do it” kind of thing.

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