How to Paris

It’s something about Paris in October that makes me love it more than in summer. It might be the crisp cold air, long walks on the banks of Seine where all the trees turned into a golden-red fairytale spectacle,  window shopping for fall in Montmartre, but most of all is the promise of a hot chocolate to be enjoyed in Cafe Le Nemour. Fashion month this fall ended with parisian charm, so how someone could resist staying a few days more to enjoy a quiet and romantic Paris?

I’ve taken 2 days off work to disconnect in this vibrant city, which might seem contradictory right? How can you “disconnect” in a city like Paris? I believe you can and I will share with you my secret “tour” around Montmartre. I will show you a side of this neighbourhood, which I’m sure you’ll love and will help you relax, yes!, even in a city like Paris! I actually call this “Amelie route”, because it follows some spots feature in the movie “Amelie”, one one my favourite movies!


You can find the route which takes you through all the points on the map (and explains so many things you’ll see on the way!) here. 

I try to do this route every time i’m in Paris and every time I discover new things along the way, new buildings, new people, new spots to take photos. This time I also had a new lens, so I took advantage to test it! I’ll share with you here a few shots I’ve done along the way, which I hope will inspire you to do this route next time you’re in Paris!!

DSC_0267 DSC_0269 DSC_0271 DSC_0274 DSC_0278  DSC_0282

DSC_0277 DSC_0286


Now…who’s ready to book a city break in Paris?!