It’s called FASHION, Brenda!

So what if the festival area was completely flooded? My girl Helene was on a mission: to rock Northside in white sneaks, and to make it out safe and dry. And so she did! Not only dry, and warm, but she also managed to restore the Donna sneaks to their full brightness when all the muddness  was over. And we all though she was crazy to dare come at the festival not only in sneakers, but white?!?!?? Guess who had the coolest footwear among us, rubber boots mortals? Jokes aside, she was lucky it wasn’t raining at all that day and it wasn’t very crowded too, as she decided to retire right before all hell broke loose. They may have passed this daytime mud test, but I don’t think her sneaks would’ve made it out alive from The Prodigy concert. See their journey from dirty to dirtier below and check them out in normal conditions here: Donna white sneakers.


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