Jumbo knits

Trends come and go every AW season, but knits seem to be always on the agenda. If not on the runway, then on the street and vice versa.  Let’s face it, since November until late February owning a piece of knit is a must in this part of the world! I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have at least a knitted hat or scarf!

My grandmother always knitted and my earliest memories are about cold winter nights with her knitting wool socks for all the family next to the fireplace. I think I inherited the taste for knitting from her, so  comes December and 0 degrees temperatures, I get my needles out! I haven’t been doing it for such a long time,  partly because I don’t have the patience anymore and I hate to admit it but I also forgot most of the knitting techniques and patterns I learned from my grandmother. The other day though, I saw the most gigantic knitting needles – called Jumbo needles. Enter in a super sized knits world!


They’re quite easy to use, although after a while your hands may get tired, as they can be a bit heavy. Everything is super sized, from the needles to the yarn and the end result is just amazing! Not to mention that is super fast to create something … big of course. Jumbo needles are like skyscrapers of knitting needles. It’s enough to get to the grips with the basic knitting pattern to create big fat fluffy chunky pieces. Who doesn’t like  that?!pinterest5















The needles are fairly cheap to buy, although the yarn might be a bit pricier because of the quantity of material used. But you’ll have  a scarf slash blanket in no time and the best part is that no one else will have anything like it. Even if you’ve never tried knitting before, I assure you, it takes only a few minutes to learn!

So this winter you’ll find me knitting every evening! I just need a fireplace and hot chocolate, this is what a perfect winter evening looks like…

Does this sounds tempting?



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