Line Love

IMG_8846Best way to kick off another week, the one that will find us in Copenhagen, is with another amazing Danish blogger as part of #meetourfavouritebloggers project. Her name is Line Love and we adored her feminine-chic outfit! It was such a pleasure to photograph her, she is a charming girl with great taste and a blog that is well known among Aarhus fashionistas. Find out some of her secrets in the following  interview and read her blog,  Style under Scrutiny,  here



SAHB: Tell us a bit about your morning beauty routine. 

Line: My morning beauty routine is not so much about make-up as it is about well-being. I want to take things slow and relax in the morning so I always make sure to get up well before I have to be out the door so I can drink my coffee, choose a nice outfit, listen to the radio and just take my sweet little time. When it comes to make-up I keep it simple; a BB cream from L’oreal, blush from Mac, eye brow gel from Bobbi Brown (my new beauty addiction) and mascara.


SAHB: Where do you get your inspiration when creating an outfit?

Line: I get lots of inspiration from magazines, tumblrs and other blogs. There are so many talented people out there with interesting takes on fashion and brilliant personal style, and I find inspiration in all of them even though they don’t necessarily reflect my own style. I like incorporating something different and try new pieces.

SAHB: Describe your personal style in three words.

Line: Feminine, colourful and simple.


SAHB: Have you ever experienced a wardrobe malfunction in public?

Line: Plenty of times; skirts being stuck in my pantyhose, stains on the back of my trousers from riding my bike, skirt catching the wind and revealing my underwear, you name it, it has happened to me, but you just have to smile and laugh about it.

SAHB: Is there a fashion rule that you will never break?

Line: Probably not. I don’t believe in rules, I believe in choosing what’s right for you and choosing what YOU think is pretty. If your favorite outfit that’s makes you feel beautiful and special breaks every single fashion don’t, I still say go for it! Fashion is personal and individual and that’s why it’s fun!


SAHB: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Line: I have so many guilty pleasures but I’m not even sure I feel that guilty about them. I think you should always allow yourself treats and just enjoy life regardless of what other people think. I’m a sucker for gossip magazines, trash TV and crisps, and I don’t mind enjoying all three at the same time.


SAHB: When did you feel the proudest as a fashion blogger?

Line: I feel really proud when readers send me e-mails or come up to me to say that they really love what I’m doing and that my blog is making them smile, that it inspires them or gives them a 5 minutes breather in the middle of a busy time. That really means a lot to me.

IMG_8857SAHB: When is the last time you laughed your heart out?

Line: I’m pretty generous when it comes to laughter, I don’t know whether that’s because I’m sourrounded by funny people or just choose to take life with a smile, probably a combination of both.

IMG_8861 IMG_8862 IMG_8869

Outfit details:

LOVE Skirt, bought from Asos

American Apparel Denim shirt

ShoeShiBar heels 

Ray Ban sunnies