Those who know me know that I am all about nails. It all started when, as a child, I would watch with fascination how my mom painted her long nails. My favourite part was when she would let me choose a colour from tens of nail polishes. A few years later and I have my own collection of little bottles of pleasure.

I love taking care of my nails, from filing, to balm massages, to applying nail polish. I take such joy in doing my nails, it’s like my zen moment, it relaxes me so much that I think of it as a means of therapy more than a necessity. So I thought, why not share this little passion/obsession of mine with you and write more often about the nail products that I use and how I feel about them.

Today I’m writing about Maybelline’s COLOR SHOW collection. I purchased the first one, in black, from Netto, and soon after I was hunting for my favourite shades: bold/rock&roll red and dark hues, and delicate nude pastels. No, you won’t find any crazy colours like yellow or neon pink in my manicure set. But pretty much everything else goes 🙂 Here’s some facts about Color Show:

♥ it dries super fast, like it says on the cap (60 seconds), even with two layers

♥ medium width brush, gives a great precision in application (but then again, I’ve got so much experience 🙂

♥ great shine, it looks like I’m wearing a top coat, but I’m not

♥ extremely long lasting, at least 5-6 days before it chips; I’m only doing my nails one a week since I got them, and that’s only because I get bored and want to change the colour

♥ good value for money; I paid 25kr (like 3€?) for each at Netto and 30kr at Matas. Worth every øre 🙂

Let me know what are your favourite nail polishes and if there’s any brands you’d like me to write about next. Yes, I pretty much got all of them. See ya!IMG_7545IMG_7557  IMG_7639 IMG_7589 IMG_7626 IMG_7681P.S. in the pictures I’m wearing Downtown Red and Blackout.